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学费 - 金融援助

An Investment In Your Child's Future

在诺斯伍德, bat365认识到,很少有投资能与孩子的教育投资同等重要. 诺斯伍德在课堂内外的经历是独一无二的,对许多学生来说,这改变了他们的生活. The cost of a Northwood education should not, 因此, deter those families for whom the full tuition would be prohibitive. 诺斯伍德学院以需求为基础的经济援助计划使学校能够在每个录取周期吸引最合格的适合使命的学生. 下面你会发现bat365诺斯伍德的财政援助计划和接近页面底部的详细信息和有用的链接, a breakdown of Northwood's tuition and 费用.


bat365的经济援助计划旨在为那些孩子可能没有机会进入bat365app手机版下载的家庭提供经济援助. 该计划以需求为基础,并以财务援助管理的良好实践原则为指导. Families are expected to contribute according to their means, taking into account total income, 资产, number of dependents, 可接受的债务, financial obligations, and other appropriate information. 这些信息是通过学校和学生服务在线平台(SSS的解决方案)和每个家庭完整的父母财务报表(PFS)收集的。.

The financial aid application can be completed at:


Financial aid awards are granted for one school year. 这是学校的意图,每年更新经济援助,只要家庭继续表现出需要, all financial commitments from the previous year are met, and the student remains in good academic and community standing.

2023-24学年的经济援助申请可以从2022年10月开始提交. The deadline for financial aid applications is January 31st. Northwood's school code in SSS is 5416.

金融援助 Application requirements:

1)所有家长/监护人必须填写家长财务报表(PFS). Parents/guardians filing combined income tax should submit one PFS. If parents/guardians are divorced or legally separated, each parent/guardian must submit an individual PFS. 


3) Complete Business and Farm statement, if applicable.

4)申请助学金的留学生如果没有符合要求的证明材料,请联系我校 Jeff Miller, Director of 金融援助, at

请在填写父母财务报表时使用以下文件作为经济援助申请的一部分. 具体与SSS平台解决方案相关的问题,可直接拨打热线(800)344-8328. bat365诺斯伍德的具体问题,请与bat365的招生办公室联系或通过电子邮件联系 Jeff Miller, Director of 金融援助, at

bat365app手机版下载 学费 2022-2023
Academic Fees and Expenses
Dormitory Deposit
Student Health Services
Miscellaneous Expenses